Programming Changes

New Shows!

So Good Soul Revue - hosted by Peter Hemminger

Tuesdays 2-4 PM

The brand-new show from occasional show-filler and generally swell guy Peter Hemminger. Two hours chock full of old- and new-school soul, hip hop, beats and R&B — so a decent warm-up before the Electric Company.

The Pioneer’s Handbook - hosted by Mike Tod

Sundays 7-8 PM

Mike Tod has hung up the hat of Mind Folk’d and has taken up a new hour long variety show dedicated to the discussion of a self-sustaining means of living. Every Sunday night from 7-8 PM the program will explore educational texts, poems and song, on how one can go into the wild and live off the land as the pioneers once did.

Disturb The Universe - hosted by Kai S.

Thursdays 2-4 PM

Your weekly fix of things loud, and not so loud, and sorta in-between.

Good Morning Flavour Country - hosted by Gary Powers

Fridays 10 AM – 12 PM

Punchy, dancey, and intensely fun. Like a conga line at a wedding between a robot and a jackalope. Tune in, you’ll see. Breathe deep, dear listener. Breathe deep.

New Times!

Radio Party - hosted by Devon and Arielle

Fridays from 12-2 PM

Radio Party, a newish show that aired Thursdays from 2-4pm, is moving to a sweet noontime Friday slot.  Expect to hear Roxy Music, and other music from places like Space, the Ocean, Arabia, and Your Neighbor’s Basement.  Share in the laughter as hosts Devon and Arielle crack wise about everything from politics to their own personal foibles.  Music?  Merriment?  It’s got to be… Radio Party.

Jesse Presents The Jesse Show Featuring Jesse - hosted by Jesse Pruden

Tuesdays from 11 PM – 12 AM

Jesse’s unpredictably zany music program is moving to Tuesdays at 11pm. Not even Jesse knows what will happen or why weirdos keep showing up on his show. Could somebody please let him know?

Returning Shows!

Her Royal Opinion - hosted by Royal Katie

Thursdays 10-11 AM

Katie brings you the best of the best tunes that will get you dancing and smiling every Thursday morning. Tune in for interviews, chats, good news and good times.

And a few goodbyes …

All these changes also mean that we’ve had to bid farewell to some awesome DJs, including: Dana M. (The Get Up on Fridays from 10 AM – 12 PM), Reid B. (The 2 and 2 Ain’t 5 Show on Fridays from 12-2 PM), Pete G. (The Session on Tuesdays from 11 PM – 12 AM), and Whitney O. (White Lodge Black Lodge on Tuesdays from 2-4 PM).

Click Here for a full on air schedule!

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  1. silvio says:

    What happened to am i right? When did it get so dumb?

  2. Failed Pilot says:

    The Failed Pilot has returned to CJSW – every other Thursday from 12:00-14:00!

  3. Chef Wayne says:

    Slanderous comment about @AmIRight…going to tell on you to @Evan2K !

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