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Upcoming Campus Mailout – Due May 29th.

May 13th, 2015 by whitney

For those that are looking for a quick and easy way of sharing their music across the country, CJSW has a service that will mail your music out to other campus and community stations across Canada that are similar to CJSW. We do this bi-montly, so keep this in mind for all future releases too! If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to read on:

Hello band with a newish release!

I’m getting in touch with you because CJSW offers a service to mail out your record to the other campus and community radio stations across Canada, and we’d love to get your record out to the world.

A little extra information if this is your first time hearing about this service: Every couple months I do a mailout to other campus/community radio stations across Canada of local Calgary talent to help spread the word on all the great music coming out of this city. The mailout goes to the stations on the Earshot! list (http://www.earshot-online.com/stations.cfm) as well as CKUA and CBC Radio 3 and has the benefit that it is coming from a trusted source (the mighty CJSW 90.9 FM).

The program has changed a little bit recently due to postage increases, so we are now offering a few different packages so you can choose the best one to suit your budget. The money is simply to cover postage costs, sticker printing, bubblewrap etc. Everything is packaged by a volunteer and we don’t aim to make or lose any money on this service – we just want to help get awesome Calgary music out across Canada.

I’m a broke punk package

  • $20 cash
  • 10 copies of your record (to be sent to the 10 biggest stations across Canada)
  • 60 word bio for a promoter style sticker that we will add to the front cover at no extra cost
  • Name 3 similar sounding bands for the sticker
  • List all potty-mouth tracks on the record
  • Optional: 10 items of anything else you might want to send out to all the radio stations (pins, posters, one-sheet, etc.)

Get me out there package

  • $50 cash
  • 25 copies of your record (to be sent to the 25 biggest stations across Canada)
  • 60 word bio for a promoter style sticker that we will add to the front cover at no extra cost
  • Name 3 similar sounding bands for the sticker
  • List all potty-mouth tracks on the record
  • Optional: 25 items of anything else you might want to send out to all the radio stations (pins, posters, one-sheet, etc.)

I’m a big shot package

  • $100 cash
  • 60 copies of your record (to be sent to the 50 biggest stations across Canada as well as a few copies to be given away during our annual funding drive)
  • 60 word bio for a promoter style sticker that we will add to the front cover at no extra cost
  • Name 3 similar sounding bands for the sticker
  • List all potty-mouth tracks on the record
  • Optional: 60 items of anything else you might want to send out to all the radio stations (pins, posters, one-sheet, etc.)

Manufacturing add-on

If you only released your record digitally, we’re also offering a new service just for you. For an additional $3/disc we will print a tray card, and burn discs with printed artwork. If you want this option, on top of the package you chose above, please include the following at least a week before the mailing deadline:

    • Extra $3/disc to cover the print costs
    • Cover image 5” x 5” at 300 dpi
    • High quality audio files (no FLAC)
    • 150 word bio (to replace the 60 word bio)
    • Name 3 similar sounding bands for the sticker
    • List all potty-mouth tracks on the record
    • Clearly state the album particulars ie, Artist, Title, Label, and an email contact
    • That’s it – we’ll take care of the rest

When we mail out your record, we will provide you with a list of the stations it was mailed to so that you can followup if you would like.

Feel free to email music@cjsw.com with any questions.

Please bring us everything we’ll need for May 29, 2015.

2015 Summer Jobs

April 6th, 2015 by Myke Atkinson

CJSW Radio has applied for grants for a number of summer positions this year through the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program and the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC).

These positions are limited to students who were enrolled in school over the past year, are between the ages of 18 and 30, and are returning to school full-time in the fall. The positions are as follows:

  • Festivals Coordinator (CSJ)
  • Multicultural Coordinator (CSJ)
  • Funding Drive and Special Events Coordinator (CSJ)
  • Music Librarian (CSJ)
  • Programming/Promotions Coordinator (CSJ)
  • Cultural News Coordinator (CRFC)

Full details on all of these positions are posted below.

These positions are tentatively scheduled to start Monday, May 4, 2015 (though if funding approval is delayed, the start date could be pushed back). The rate of pay is $13.00 per hour and the length of term is 16 weeks of full-time employment at 37.5 hours per week.

Please submit your cover letter and resume outlining why you want to work at CJSW this summer to CJSW’s Station Manager via email: manager@cjsw.com.

Application deadline is Friday, April 17, 2015 at 5:00 PM.
Interviews will be conducted in late April.

CJSW is an equal opportunity employer. Everyone is thanked for applying; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Festivals Coordinator

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Liaise with summer festivals to coordinate CJSW’s participation as sponsor. CJSW sponsors over 40 festivals each summer including Carifest, Blues Fest, Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Greek Festival, Afrikadey!, Sled Island and many more.
  • Work with the CJSW Station Manager, Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator to plan and finalize sponsorship contracts with the organizations running festivals in Calgary.
  • Ensure the implementation of on air and print advertisements associated with sponsorship agreements and the Production Coordinator.
  • Schedule and train volunteers to be at festival booths and provide community outreach.
  • Coordinate and create CJSW promotional materials such as brochures, program guides, etc. to enhance the festival experience.
  • Organize CJSW’s own annual charity street hockey tournament, the Slurpee Cup.
  • Work with the CJSW Station Manager, Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator to plan and finalize sponsorship contracts with the organizations running festivals in Calgary.

Required Skills

  • Excellent communicator with strong organizational and delegation skills.
  • Strong leader able to train volunteers and get other motivated.
  • Prepared to balance a number of priorities against tight deadlines.
  • Open minded and prepared to work with culturally diverse groups, organizations and volunteers.
  • Ability to organize and coordinate large numbers of volunteers.
  • Problem solving, setting timelines and following up with phone and email correspondence is an important part of this multi-project-based position.
  • Experience with computers, graphic and/or art design is an asset.

Multicultural Coordinator

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Meet with multicultural program hosts to assess challenges and needs
  • Work with the Program Director to improve the multicultural programming on CJSW through outreach, programmer training, and community partnership
  • Promote CJSW’s multicultural programming through on air publicity, grassroots outreach at festivals, and through community groups
  • Assist in writing and producing on air advertising for cultural festivals and events throughout the summer
  • Act as an ambassador on behalf of the CJSW multicultural programming at festivals, events, and in the community
  • Assist multicultural hosts in creating noteworthy content such as: interviews, segments, live performances, etc.
  • Work with fellow students to help generate multicultural and intersectional content for English-language programming
  • Become a mentor for volunteers at the station, including young people and people with disabilities
  • Generate content to raise awareness around local Aboriginal issues and events
  • Produce content for upcoming yearly events, such as: Trans Day of Remembrance, Black History Month, World AIDS Day, LGBTQ Pride, International Women’s Day, and more.
  • Work with multicultural hosts to strengthen community relationships and endeavour to create new ones

Required Skills 

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Exceptional organization and delegation skills
  • Experience as a mentor is an asset
  • Open-minded and able to work with a culturally diverse group of people, organizations, and volunteers 
  • Ability to lead and coordinate volunteers (experience an asset)
  • Highly motivated and able to see projects through to completion
  • Strong creative skills and ability to realize ideas
  • Strong understanding of the sound and mandate of non-commercial radio
  • Strong understanding of the communities within Calgary, and the importance of representation

Funding Drive and Special Events Coordinator

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Organize and prepare for CJSW’s annual fundraising campaign, held each year in October.
  • Generate ideas for year-round fundraising events and campaigns in addition to the annual Funding Drive.
  • Design and implement marketing campaigns to inform the public about the CJSW Funding Drive and the other fundraising events.
  • Find an artist to create the Funding Drive logo for 2015.
  • Establish and monitor budgets, negotiate rates with suppliers and control expenses for the different fundraising initiatives.
  • Update and maintain a fundraising database of all CJSW Funding Drive contributors from past Funding Drives.
  • Contact current Friends Card businesses and confirm involvement for 2015 and update CJSW’s Friends Card contracts and create an electronic version to make them more accessible to businesses.
  • Seek out new businesses to add to Friends Card.
  • Ensure venues for FD events are available and reserved as well as seek out and confirm performances and activities for FD events.

Required Skills

  • Exemplary time-management skills.
  • Very strong organizational skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of MS Office Suite, and experience working in a Mac environment.
  • Ability to work with strict deadlines.
  • Ability to delegate and coordinate tasks and responsibilities for volunteers.
  • Post-secondary education in arts or non-profit studies a strong asset.
  • Previous non-profit or fundraising experience an asset, although the position is intended to provide experience in the fundraising field.
  • Comfort working with budgets.
  • Web experience in design and editing is an asset.

Music Librarian

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Work under the guidance and mentorship of the fill-time Music Director to organize, maintain, develop and grow the CJSW music library. This process will include, but is not limited to:
    • Keeping up to date with newly released, as well as historically and culturally important music in order to select library material
    • Organizing releases in an accessible and effective way
    • Catalog maintenance, including the weeding out of non-necessary releases
    • Anticipating and reflecting upon station needs to ensure library is used and maintained as much as possible
    • Organization of library for specific genres that are classically difficult to organize, such as language minority music, local music, experimental/neo-classical music, jazz and others
    • Developing and maintenance of library database and catalog to improve programming efficiency
    • Developing library and closing gaps in catalog especially in language minority genres, Aboriginal peoples, local and Canadian music genres as well as other historically important recordings
    • Maintain the library catalogue by fixing incorrect or missing data and checking for duplicate entries.
    • Assist in creating resources about Canadian music and musical history for programmers and volunteers
    • Coordinate these projects with CJSW’s Music Director, programmers and volunteers.
    • Make the catalogue accessible to people with disabilities or low english literacy skills.
    • Update records to contain more complete information about the genders, heritage and background.
    • Digitally convert, and catalog materials, especially local and Canadian materials for future access and posterity, and potentially make these materials available to the public based on cultural relevance.
    • Creation of a special event library, featuring a live performance and interview library. Organizing thousands of live performances and interviews that have aired on CJSW throughout the years. Digitally archiving and cataloging of these performances. 
  • Lead a team of volunteer librarians and pass on library knowledge for further library development. This process will include, but is not limited to:
    • Recruit and instruct volunteers on how to maintain and use the CJSW catalogue to allow easy access to information. 
    • Dealing with enquiries and assisting library users in accessing and problem solving catalog issues
    • Coordinate and train volunteers alongside CJSW’s Music Director to help with the actual digital archiving.

Required Skills

  • Task oriented and focused.
  • Strong working knowledge of computers, especially Macs.
  • Experience and/or education in library organization is an asset.
  • Working experience with databases.
  • Strong musical knowledge.
  • Online research skills and asset.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of sound production facilities and technology, including Logic Pro and ProTools, digital recorders, etc.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.

Programming/Promotions Coordinator

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Create and design CJSW promotional materials such as brochures, info packages, pamphlets, program guides, etc. for distribution at local music, art and cultural festivals. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote the diversity of CJSW’s programming.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote the diversity of CJSW’s programming, with a particular emphasis on the variety of musical genres and cultural groups represented on our airwaves.
  • Work with Festivals Coordinator to actively develop CJSW’s participation as a sponsor of the summer festivals including Carifest, Greek Festival, Afrikadey!, Aboriginal Awareness Week, Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Sled Island and more with CJSW staff and volunteers.
  • Coordinate special events, projects and promotions for internal and external audiences, such as CJSW’s fundraising events and live “on-location” broadcasts.
  • Help organize CJSW’s own annual charity street hockey tournament, the Slurpee Cup.
  • Recruit, train, and organize CJSW volunteers for sponsored events.
  • Work with the CJSW staff to create and implement outreach campaigns to promote the station and the diverse programming found on CJSW.
  • Provide creative graphic design assistance for the CJSW website and other social media networks.

Required Skills

  • Although this position is designed to directly develop career-experience in the field of marketing and public relations, a desired candidate would already have some experience with computers and graphic design programs and software.
  • Strong organizational, multitasking and planning skills.
  • Possess excellent communication and delegation skills.
  • Marketing knowledge and experience.
  • Education or a strong interest in art design is an asset.

Cultural News Coordinator

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manage a web-based system for sharing spoken word programming such as program segments, tips and interview opportunities between spoken word programmers and other CJSW programmers.
  • Research and implement new and better ways to connect with various Calgary communities and better manage internal communication between all CJSW programmers such as utilizing social networking tools.
  • Establish, manage and maintain accounts for various social networking programs with a goal of community outreach and promotion of spoken word programs.
  • Operate as a member within the news department, regularly communicating with the News Coordinator.
  • Maintain CJSW’s news and specialty programming contact database.
  • Assign department members to cover spoken word events.
  • Cover spoken word events and conduct interviews, focusing on communities that under-represented.

Required Skills

  • Deep understanding of social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogging.
  • Use and management of software such as “Google Groups” and web blogs to allow programmers to share program segments, tips, and interview opportunities.
  • Ability to work closely with the News Director and Program Director to develop new initiatives for creating and publicizing spoken word content.
  • Working knowledge of sound production facilities and technology, including Logic Pro is an asset but is not required.
  • Familiarity with the local spoken word scene an asset.

Request For Proposals: Website Redevelopment

April 1st, 2015 by Myke Atkinson

We want to hire someone awesome (maybe you?) to fully redesign, redevelop and rebuild cjsw.com from the ground up. The new website will contain all of the content currently on cjsw.com, but will also include features such as responsive capability, automatic playlist publishing, and podcasting every show broadcast on the station. We came to the realization that we need to treat our website with the same kind of respect, reverence and care as we give our broadcast tower, so here we are.

If you want more details, please download the full RFP.

Closing Date: April 30, 2015.

Job Posting: Volunteer Coordinator

March 21st, 2015 by Myke Atkinson

CJSW 90.9 FM, the University of Calgary Student Radio Society, is looking to hire someone for the position of Volunteer Coordinator.

The ideal candidate will be an excellent communicator, able to work with many kinds of people, and have an interest in helping others thrive in CJSW’s unique environment. The position is challenging; requiring patience, organization, and self-motivation. It is, however, a very rewarding and ultimately fun experience at Calgary’s only community radio station.

The Volunteer Coordinator position will start on May 8, 2015 and is contracted for a period of two years. It should also be noted that the work week for this position is Tuesday-Saturday.

This position will entail:

  • Managing CJSW’s 250+ volunteers to ensure that the operations of CJSW run smoothly on a daily basis.
  • Mentoring volunteers from all walks of life, including special needs adults, youth, seniors, students, and other members of the community.
  • Performing daily reception tasks such as answering phones, greeting visitors, giving tours of the station, and processing Funding Drive pledges.
  • Recognizing talent and dedication within the volunteer base, and working with the Program Director and Production Coordinator to train and develop that talent.
  • Managing current volunteer systems and innovating where needed.
  • Planning yearly events, such as the annual holiday party.
  • Understanding the culture of CJSW, and instilling a love of the station in volunteers and visitors.
  • Working on special projects and tasks as they come up, and being open to trying new things.


  • A clear and accurate understanding of CJSW’s culture, and our impact in the Calgary community.
  • Experience with volunteer supervision or management. Experience as a volunteer is also important.
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills are a must.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Proven mentorship experience is an asset.
  • Post-secondary education is an asset, but is not required.
  • Ability to manage many tasks and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • An interest in underground music or alternative media is an asset.
  • Conflict resolution and people management skills.
  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment with many types of people.

In return for your extraordinary talents we offer a fun, one-of-a-kind environment, a decent salary and some lovely benefits.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 5:00 PM.
Position Start Date: Friday, May 8, 2015.
Please apply by sending your resume and cover letter to manager@cjsw.com.

CJSW is an equal opportunity employer. Everyone is thanked for applying; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

30 Years and Counting: Share your stories!

January 16th, 2015 by Joe Burima

CJSW is currently celebrating our 30th year on the FM dial. For three whole decades, we’ve been broadcasting out to the city of Calgary, providing this amazing city with truly dynamic, diverse, and alternative radio. The staff here at the station over the years have gotten lots of feedback from our listeners, and have heard some tales of how CJSW has impacted your lives.

We’re looking for some of those stories right now. What is your favourite memory of CJSW? Maybe you were a host way back in the day and have some good stories to share. Perhaps you met the love of your life at our 25th anniversary party. Maybe you were listening one day and heard a song by what was to become your favourite band. There’s a lot that has happened on 90.9 FM, and we want to hear about it.

So, how do you tell us your stories? Leave a message on our answering machine. Call (403) 220 3683 and tell us your first name (if you’d like) and your favourite CJSW story. We’ll have a listen through them throughout the next few months, and put some of them on the radio. Leave a message, and keep it locked on CJSW to hear your own story on the airwaves!

Weird Canada

January 12th, 2015 by Joe Burima

Recently, CJSW was featured in Weird Canada’s Frequencies. The folks at Weird Canada have been doing great work showcasing music that is amazing, Canadian, underground, and is where lots of our DJs start when planning their shows. It’s a great group of folks that we love very much.

Katie spoke to Music Director Whitney Ota about the station, his experience here, and what CJSW is like in the landscape of campus radio in Canada. You can read it here!

Programming Changes

January 8th, 2015 by Joe Burima

Here’s a rundown of the exciting new programs, schedule changes, and departures that have happened over the last few weeks.


New Programs

  •  Chris Brennan, who has been helping out with Instant Gratification: Revoked! begins his own time slot. The Brutal and the Beautiful runs from 12-2 PM on Mondays and is a soap opera of dramatic beats. This show starts on January 12th.
  • Cavan’s brand new to the airwaves with Owsley Aurora, a jazz show exploring the weird and wonderful sides of jazz. Tune in Fridays 5:30-7 AM! This show starts on January 16th.
  • Cailean came back to the airwaves before the holiday break with The Passenger Seat on Wednesdays from 10-11 PM. He’ll ride shotgun with you for an hour, playing tracks and telling tales.
  • Kallen will be taking over for a stint on The Throwback on Sundays from 12:30-1:30. He’s bringing back his show My Public Shame for an eight-week showcase of past programmers. Glad to have you back, Kallen! He’ll be on air starting January 18th.
These are programs that have left the airwaves. Huge thanks to each and every one of these hard-working volunteers for their work on air. Often, our “goodbyes” are more like “goodbye for now”, so keep an ear out for these fantastic folks on air in the future!
  • A big thanks Kendra whose Monday Meditations and Moshpits has brought some electronic grooves to your early Monday afternoons for several months.
  • Ian Chiclo will soon be ending his time on The Throwback with his revival of The House Blend. Ian’s been bringing a great mix of music to the Sunday afternoon slot, and lots of folks have enjoyed hearing his voice on the air again.
  • Max and 8 Bit Showtunes have moved on from the late-night slot from 2-5:30 AM on Thursdays. Max’s choices of music themes from Dr. Who to spy movies has always been eclectic and dynamic.
  • Radio GB and Reza have left the airwaves. After several years of bringing great Persian grooves to Sundays (and then Saturdays), Reza’s presence will be missed.
  • Big thanks to Tasya for her Guide to Good Things. She and Jane started something great, Tasya took charge solo for awhile, making rad radio. Thanks to you both!
Any questions or comments about programming? Get in touch with Program Director Geneviève Dale at programming [at] cjsw [dot] com.

Now Accepting Applications For A Special Project Intern: 30 Year Anniversary Magazine (SCIP Internship)

December 10th, 2014 by whitney

CJSW 90.9 FM will be celebrating 30 years of on air radio programming at the beginning of 2015. Our goal is to provide an alternative to commercial media by recognizing and promoting the diverse musical styles, points of view and cultures that exist within our city. CJSW strives to provide programming to an audience and by programmers that are varied in their ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical and mental ability. Our diverse programming includes music, arts, spoken word and multicultural programs.

To commemorate this anniversary the station will be releasing a limited edition magazine, remembering events that acted as landmarks in the organization’s longstanding history of community engagement in Calgary. As a non-profit organization, CJSW relies on listener support to provide high-quality, community focused, uninterrupted radio programming.

The proposed internship will provide a student with the opportunity to become involved in the creation of printed media set for city-wide release.

All applications must be sent in through the SCIP website.

We will accept applications until 9 am December 17, 2014.


Mountain Standard Time Performance Arts Festival Guests on “Noise”

October 1st, 2014 by whitney

In support of MST, Mountain Standard Time Performative Arts Festival join Paula with her guests.

Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh will talk about their new audiovisual work “Sleeper”, http://mstfestival.org/performance/sleeper/. John Abram and Barbara Sutherland will discuss the evening of videos and music by Kenny Doren http://mstfestival.org/performance/the-videos-of-kenneth-doren/ and http://mstfestival.org/performance/the-piano-concert/.

Tune in Thursday October 2nd, 2014 from 8:30-10pm. 90.9FM or http://cjsw.com/


CJSW is offering a “Live Performance Engineer” internship!

September 22nd, 2014 by whitney

CJSW is a community run, community driven radio station that offers an alternative source for music, arts, news and communication. Through our radio programming, we engage with the music community in a number of ways, one being promotion of music events by having artists perform their music live on air and hosting interview segments. CJSW is looking for someone to fulfill a live performance engineering internship and would be responsible for all the sound engineering needs of the performance.

Please submit applications through the SCIP website: http://joinscip.ca/find-internships/?keyword=cjsw&city=&action=search&posType1=1&posType2=1

Deadline for submissions will be October 6th at noon.

Or please send any general enquiries to music at cjsw.com.