CJSW Presents: Untold Canada

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As part of programming for Canada’s 150th birthday, CJSW will air the Untold Canada this week and throughout July on CJSW 90.9 FM. Untold Canada aims to showcase untold Canadian stories from the experiences of immigrants to indigenous history to neat facts you probably didn’t know. The series will air throughout regular CJSW programming — including full one-hour episodes during CJSW Presents — in the coming weeks and is available to stream fully online at CJSW’s Soundcloud page.

Untold Canada was produced by staff and volunteers from CJSW’s spoken word and production departments and recorded on Treaty 7 land. 

CJSW Presents: Untold Canada Episode 1

Episode 1 of Untold Canada features Hannah Many Guns, who narrates a bundle of Indigenous voices sharing their response to Canada’s 150th celebrations. The episode features interviews with Ian Campeau (DJ NDN) from a Tribe Called Red; Daniel Voth, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Politics at the University of Calgary; Piikani elder Reg Crowshoe; Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes from the University of Calgary’s Native Centre; and Sisksika elder Clarence Wolfleg.

CJSW Presents: Untold Canada Episode 2

Untold Canada Episode 2 features Grace Heavy Runner interviewing Michelle Van Beusekom from the National Film Board about AABIZIINGWASHI, a national Indigenous film tour. Also in the episode, Catherine features the story of Alexandria Sham and her grandfather who worked on the railroad, Hannah interviews Piikani elder Reg Crowshoe and Sean Willet interviews professor George Colpitts about the history of bison.

Untold Canada: Short segments

In addition to the one-hour episodes, CJSW will air short segments featuring Canada’s untold stories throughout our regular programming. These segments aim to explore Calgary’s history, indigenous terminology, immigrant experiences and forgotten moments from our past. For the full playlist, head to CJSW’s Soundcloud page.