Funding Drive FAQ

You got questions, we have answers!

Where is CJSW located?

We are located at Room 312 in MacEwan Hall at the University of Calgary. Our office is beside the MacHall Ballroom.

What are your office hours?

To accommodate pledge pick up, we’ll be open from 9am-9pm until November 11th.

How do monthly instalments work?

We will take 10 equal payments out of your chequing account for 10 months. Please come to the station with a void cheque when you come to pick up your pledge before November 16th.

I want my items shipped. When will they be mailed out?

Our Funding Drive squad will prepare your items for shipping the week after the Drive. You can expect them in early November.

I love so many programs I can’t choose only one to donate to. Can I divide up my pledge?

Yes! We will add up the total of the pledges you make during Funding Drive.

My favourite show in the world already happened and I forgot to call in. What can I do?

You can make a pledge on!

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