Five CJSW 360 videos to check out

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Last September, CJSW started filming 360 degree videos to document our live performance as well as offer a unique way to interact with the amazing music that comes through our doors. It recently came to our attention that these 360 videos can actually be viewed as immersive VR videos by using a smartphone and a cardboard VR viewer, which are very cheap or free to acquire. With that setup along with a pair of headphones, you are instantly transported into our live studio and can look around the room as you like. 

Whether you want the full immersive VR experience or just want to check out some great live music, CJSW Music Director Whitney Ota put together his top five picks to kick off your viewing experience. 

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Power-Buddies – Sept. 1, 2016 on The Failed Pilot 

Our most viewed 360 video so far features an amazing performance from Edmonton’s Power-Buddies. Their song “Peace of Mind” is a catchy psych/garage nugget that would give Thee Oh Sees a good run for their money. What started as a two-piece band has grown to as many as seven members. Here we see them in fine form as a four piece.

FOONYAP — Oct. 18, 2016 on Suffragette City

FOONYAP released a stunning album, Palimpsest in 2016. Even though this is a minimalist solo performance of the song “Gabriel Moody,” it is every bit as beautiful and fragile as the album version. It is very interesting to watch her utilize the looping of her violin.

TEETH — Nov. 18, 2016 on Dixie Fried

TEETH is made up of some of the folks that organize Not Enough Fest in Edmonton, a festival that givies a platform for queer, trans and women to make some noise. They stopped by CJSW while they were in town for the Femme Wave Festival 2016. This was one of the heaviest performances we’ve ever had in this space and TEETH’s performance of their song “X” is as stirring as it is beautiful.

M. Geddes Gengras — Jan. 25, 2017 on The Future Language

M. Geddes Gengras is a Los Angeles-based musician who utilizes modular synthesizers to create sounds that range from the blissfully ambient sounds you’ll hear in this performance, to his outstanding techno project under the name Personable. Dive in deep and get lost in a sea of synth cables.

Ghostkeeper — April 5, 2017 on Saved by the Bell

Ghostkeeper is a Calgary-based avant-pop ensemble that has a wonderful ability to create songs that are melodic as well as adventurous. In their performance of “Transam Sister” they create a melancholic atmosphere, utilizing vocals, samples and percussion by Sarah Houle, synthesizers by Ryan Bourne as well as the understated guitar work of Shane Ghostkeeper and textural drumming by Eric Hamelin. Discover more in this song every time you listen to it.