Funding Drive

World Wide Radio

World Wide Radio!
October 18 – 25, 2013

CJSW is a non-profit organization that strives to provide diverse programming. Our schedule spans awarding= winning news and spoken word, local musicians and artistic endeavors, multicultural programming and any style of music you can imagine.

The station receives roughly half of its funding from an undergraduate student levy at the University of Calgary. This levy pays for the day-to-day operation of the station, but to cover the capital expenditures, some of the surprise costs, or upgrading equipment, we need to have a little extra money hanging around. This is where the CJSW Funding Drive steps in…

The very first CJSW Funding Drive took place to help us buy the necessary equipment to become a full FM station, and ever since it has been our only source of funds for capital expenditures. It has allowed us to pay for the upgrading of our production facilities, including the purchase of new production board, as well as providing us with the monies to make the conversion to digital radio and increase our web presence. As we prepare for new advances in radio in the next few years, your generous donations provide the means by which we are able to continue our quest to be one of the finest campus/community radio stations around.

The Funding Drive takes place in the last week of October, where we suspend our regular programming and ask for listener support in the form of cash donations and subscriptions in exchange for another year of outstanding radio and great CJSW swag.

We need your support for the 2012 CJSW Funding Drive!

It’s a big year for the station. You may have noticed that as the FM dial in Calgary has seen the addition of a couple more stations, CJSW’s 90.9 frequency can be a little hard to hear in some parts of the city. To remedy the situation, the station is looking to increase the 4,000 watts we currently broadcast up to around 20,000. This increase would extend our signal a little further than it currently travels, but most importantly it should help with the interference within the city limits. It would also make CJSW one of the highest powered community radio stations anywhere in Canada! The new transmitter and engineering costs required to implement this change are very costly, and the only way we’ll be able to pay for this is with your support. Please put the power in our tower and help us make radio science a reality in 2012 by calling 403-220-5000 during funding drive!

We count on your support to allow us to continue to bring you the finest radio programming in Calgary and beyond. And let’s not forget our amazing annual pledge incentives; which will be updated soon.

Stay glued to your radio from Friday October 19th through Friday October 26th for all the excitement and make sure to get out an bask in the CJSW community at all of the great live drive events throughout the city.

All that is left is for you to do is pledge your heart out to CJSW and enjoy another great year of programming!