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Electric Company

Exploration into music with a pulse, meaning, and soul. A melding of the past, present and future, dedicated to launch…

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The Weird Vector

We call it The Weird Vector. Because the front wheel’s a little loose. Various explorations into unknown or vaguely familiar…

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Silent Disco

An introspective electronic soundtrack exploring the role of music in self-care. Representation of artists who are currently less-heard within dance…

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Radio Interference

The sounds and rhythms of present day dystopia.

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Deep Trouble

The latest tracks from the fringes of dance & electronic music

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MAPL Syrup

Discover the musicians, artists, performers and lyrics that make Canada great. Marta explores every corner of our country to celebrate…

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The Brutal and the Beautiful

Join host Chris Brennan every Monday afternoon for 2 hours of live mixed electronic music! From dancefloor classics of the…

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The Late Night Laboratory

Jamal’s cooking up something strange in the space between late night and early morning. What on earth could it be?…

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Fade to Bass

Fade to Bass is your weekly lesson in all things bass. Exploring House and Techno that possess bass low enough…

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Freshly Squeezed

Put your mind at ease with Jamal’s weekly squeeze.