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After a five year ‘lost weekend’ we welcome back Sideshow Sid and his Musiquarium. A long time staple of Friday…

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Fossil Records

Each week Peter your musical archeologist unearths a CJSW chart from the past as featured in the annals of Vox…

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The Cram Session

Get lost in your work with Taylor every Wednesday night at 11pm as he plays ambient electronic, and melodic post-rock…

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Shakespeare Wore Plaid

First off, let’s get this question out of the way. What has William Shakespeare have to do with music? Well…

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MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings

Start your Saturday exploring musicians of the great white north. Full playlists can be found on the MAPL Syrup main…

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The Throwback: Funhouse

Allen Baekeland has a long memory. He will make use of it.

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The Quizzical Suns Musical Revue

Metal to Mozart The on-going saga of the last permanent ward of the Institute for the Criminally Humourous. Plus music.…

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Saved By The Bell

Dawn Loucks and Mike Bell’s Saved By the Bell is a two-hour program with a focus on local music, and…

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Suffragette City

All-female, all awesome. Jasmine takes you through some ladies who rock. Tune into your feminine side every Tuesday afternoon, as…

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The A.M.

Starting the week isn’t easy. Ease into it with hazy, reverb-soaked tunes, spacey epics and jangle-pop wake-up calls. Brought to…