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Hive Mind

Has anyone else noticed the giant lizard people living among us?

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The Future Language

If you dig the weirder and waxier side of life, tune your eardrums for two hours of riveting misfit music…

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Nightmare Delirium

A mix-up and mash-up of the best of CJSW late-night tunes. It’s gothic. It’s dark. It’s the perfect soundtrack for…

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Disturb The Universe

Punk, hardcore, and metal in the afternoon. Music for getting things done.

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The Failed Pilot/Copilot

Join your flight crew of Victoria & Adam every Thursday from noon until 2pm for a sonic trip through the…

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The Doppler Effect

Tune in on Monday evenings from 9:00 to 10:00pm, when hosts Penny and Smoth meet you at the crossroads to…

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Radio Party

It’s a party and you’re invited. Bring a casserole to the party.