Introducing Test Pattern, a new music podcast

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This week, CJSW will premiere a new music podcast called Test Pattern,  produced by Laura Reid and Nate Waters. It features first readings of new musical pieces in an avant leaning, compositional or improvisational style which are recorded in the CJSW studios. Tune in to Noise this Thursday, June 29 from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. to hear the first episode featuring the compositions of Rebecca Bruton.


Test Pattern producer Laura Reid says Bruton was an easy choice as the first featured composer.

“When considering who the first composer might be for this project, Rebecca Bruton immediately came to mind. I had first heard Rebecca singing and playing fiddle with Mike Tod, and later in a vocal/tape performance at a Bug Incision show, but I also knew that she was finishing composition studies at Simon Fraser University and had been writing some works for small string ensemble,” Reid says.

“I wanted Test Pattern to present work by a composer outside the established Classical scene in Calgary, but it was also important that the works be notated, as I wanted this project to have the casual immediacy created by musicians sight reading new music. The specific diversity of Rebecca’s musical interests and experience, as well as the practical benefits of her having notated music for string quartet made her a perfect first subject.”

Reid says the podcast aims to explore the experimental.

“So often in Classical and Jazz music there is a pressure to only present works and recordings with an extremely high level of polish and production. I think it is important for musicians and listeners alike to be able to interact with music in a variety of stages of completion and to explore the potential of recordings of this music that are more candid than typically heard,” Reid says.

“The experiment of Test Pattern is in part a move away from the perfectionism and pretension that can unfortunately be found in the realm of composed music and instead encourage an exploration of the broadening of recorded presentations of this music.”

Check out one of Rebecca’s compositions below, and be sure to tune in to the first episode of Test Pattern on Noise, on Thursday June 29 at 8:30 p.m. Find full episodes of Test Pattern following their broadcast online anytime at