Local Library Update

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The Calgary Local Music Library is a project in collaboration with The Calgary Public Library. This new project tells the history of music in Calgary through a curated, and growing, collection of CD exhibited at branches of The Calgary Public Library. The installation provides context through album artwork, liner notes, and affixed labels with a brief description and history of the album. There are also two screens showing show posters and other ephemera.

Check out the installation when it tours to your nearest library branch! Each launch will be celebrated with a small concert. Closer to the date, find each concert as an event created on our Facebook page.

May – Memorial Park
June – Crowfoot
July – Westbrook
August – Saddletown
September – Central
October – Shawnessy
November – Signal Hill
December – Southwood

You can also learn more about the project and see the collected press about the installation here.