The most welcoming, warm and bright office is filled to the brim with CDs, vinyl and tapes. New music constantly bleeds out into the surrounding work areas producing both dance parties and complaints…

The Music Department’s duty is to review this music and get the best of it to air as quickly as possible. This process involves passion, a sense of humour and the constantly filled thermos of green tea. The end result is what you hear on CJSW every day: music that challenges, entertains and doesn’t cater to the lowest common denominator. Music you will hear nowhere else on Calgary’s airwaves. Music of the kind a nerdy music friend may share with you, the kind you occasionally catch in a club, or the kind you catch when one of these artists comes to town. Music that is made by people from far-off climes and music that is made by your next-door neighbor. Music that is largely independent, free from the constraints of hit making and marketing plans. Music by bands that will be famous in five years but that you get to hear now, while they’re still good. Music by people who won’t ever be famous, which is a damn shame, but we’ll still love them anyway.

Music that isn’t bad but is different; music that isn’t good, it’s brilliant. This is CJSW’s Music Department, plain and simple.


Whitney Ota
Music Director, CJSW Radio 90.9 FM
Rm. 312 MacEwan Hall, University of Calgary
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2N 1N4

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email: music [at] cjsw [dot] com
phone: 403.220.3085
fax: 403.289.8212