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Hosted By: Simon MacLeod

iNTaNGiBiLiTY is a program to celebrate art, music, and art music that we cannot touch, only feel or experience and the stories and people that lie behind these works. The program aims to showcase and celebrate local and Canadian artists, their creations, and their stories. The program poses the question, “What is it about art, music, and art music that makes it Canadian?” and exposes listener to a ‘melting pot’ of influences that impact Canadian works. There are many traits to Canada that translate nicely into the various disciplines of art, with its spaciousness and often rugged landscape. Quite often the audience can experience the colours, sounds and lines that capture the trademark of Canada in emotive and beautifully crafted material. iNTaNGiBiLiTY also showcases the many different cultural stories & landscapes of Canada and discusses how they influence the creation of Canadian works, while supporting a community of innovative and collaborative creative minds and artifacts in the selection of pieces and artists showcased on the program.

Creative minds can only create based upon their own experiences, and hope that their work reaches an audience who will ultimately breath the experience into existence.

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