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My Allergy to the Fans
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Join host Chad Saunders every Friday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm MST (evening for our friends listening in Hungary!) for ‘Allergy to the Fans’. Don’t be surprised if you hear Guy LaFleur’s disco hockey album one minute and some rare gem from the “who knows when this song was actually recorded” pile the next. Hot [...]

Guess Who?

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Tune into CJSW this Friday at 3 pm for a live wedding event! Two CJSW members/programmers are getting married on My Allergy to the Fans, hosted by Chad Saunders.

The couple would like to keep their identities a secret until Friday. But this is legit – it’s happening. It’s going to be an incredible on-air moment. They’re two fantastic people and it is pretty special that they have chosen to make CJSW such an integral part of their day. Tune in, have some bubbly, and bring some tissues.

And no, it’s not the Road Pops.

3 Responses to “Guess Who?”

  1. AlliedMC says:

    Congratulations Matt and Sonja Allerdings!!!! From everyone at Allied Machining & Centrifuge Ltd. – we are so happy for you two … amazing love story ♥

  2. louise attanasio says:

    Congrats to Sonja and Matt from your Aunt Louise & Uncle Tony & family in T.O. Great listening to the love story live from CJSW…………love the music!!!

  3. Joe Blunden says:

    Congratulations Sonia and Matt. I enjoyed listening to both of you share your love. Best wishes.
    Joe Blunden

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