Our Stories – Episode January 31, 2018

Episode 3 Our Stories: Love Our Stories: Sex, Love, and Intimacy is intended to provide a platform for voices that are so often left ignored in public discourse. On today’s episode we will be focusing on the experiences of eight community members with love. What we think it is, how we think society views it, how our identities shape our experiences with it, and finally what we want all of you to know about it. This is our resistance through storytelling. References hooks, b. (2000). All about love: New visions. New York, NY: Harper Collins. Neil, A. (2017, November 8). A reflection on love. angeneil.com Resources Distress Centre 403-266-4357 Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) 1-877-237-5888 https://suicideprevention.ca/need-help/ or in case of a serious emergency call 911