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Hosted By: Krzysztof Sujata

Processed is a show that will explore the other side of electronic music: These are not the club anthems that commonly come to mind what you hear the word electronic, even though you may occasionally hear a steady beat. This is music created by some of the most forward thinking sonic experimenters, existing in a space where the lines between challenge and accessibility are often blurred. We’ll be looking at the world of experimental electronic music: Going from ambient, to IDM, to sound art, to synth music, from the digitally-augmented to the hyper-digital, and everywhere in-between. It’s a diverse field of music, with influences as contrasting as John Cage and Kraftwerk, and sounds ranging from the most minimal to the absolute maximal. This is music for the ears, yes, but when you listen closely, it’s also music for the mind.

For playlists and more info, head to the Processed Facebook page.

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