Rainbow Radio – Episode October 9, 2017

This month we hear from the queer youth of colour group, a collective of young, queer-identified folks of colour who meet weekly at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre. You may have seen their zine around town called, 'Don't Be An Asshole' which they describe as, 'a collection full of stuff they want people who are participating in racism to know.' They gave generously of their time as they spent an hour in the booth together interviewing each other about their experiences, as well as offering reflections on topics such as: oppression, white supremacy, appropriation of black culture, tips on getting through highschool, and butt tattoos. We'll also hear about individual projects the QYOC members are working on. Towards the end of the program, we hear from Jordan and Trent from Fudgepacker Fridays. Finally, we'll hear a history segment from Kevin Allen with the Calgary Gay History Project about the Of Colour Collective, a group of queer folks of colour who are socially and politically active in the city in the 90s. A quick warning: this show contains some course language which has been edited for radio.