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Space + Place is a conversation about architecture, the city, and the visual culture around us. Hosted by amery Calvelli and produced for CJSW 90.9fm, it airs on the first Tuesday of each month at 11am. Each show considers how we define the space we inhabit. Be part of the conversation in shaping place. Make [...]

architecture of stories

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image: ken Beheim-Schwarzbach and Saunders Architecture

image Ken Beheim-Schwarzbach and Saunders Architecture

Todd Saunders describes the design of the new Torngasok Cultural Centre for the Inuit in Nain, Labrador. We find out why carving away angles made sense.


Sami Huksendaidda zine by Joar Nango

Fish Hooks "Indigenuity" by Joar Nango

Joar Nango explains why he launched his zine Sami Huksendaidda and why he traveled through northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia to observe  ”the competence of improvisation” and the way it relates to space. The project is called “indigenuity” or the re-use of everyday things. He is speaking at the Alberta Art Gallery on Wednesday Nov 28 as part of the MADE in Edmonton Indigenous Architecture Series.


photo: Caty Hammel
photo: calvelli

Next, we visit a Sukkah, a structure built for a Jewish celebration marking the bounty of the harvest. Inspired by a SukkahCity competition to re-imagine the centuries old structure, students at the University of Calgary designed and built “Soupka”.  The winning student entry collects soup cans to feed the hungry.


photo: Matter Practice

And finally, we discuss a temporary structure that will be built to bridge a Veteran and civilian divide. Commissioned by the Times Square Alliance Public Art Program, architecture firm Matter Practice designed an intimate space for conversation and listening and called it: Peace & Quiet. On another note, you can check out the Matter Practice SukkahCity - based on a thread.


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