The Cram Session – Episode February 8, 2017

Nothing but the tastiest jams to help you get into the zone. Everything from minimalist psych rock to jazz induced post rock, we've got you covered.


  • Det som aldrig förändras
    Goat • World Music
  • Death Set
    Moon Duo • Occult Architecture Vol. 1
  • The landlord is dead
    Do Make Say Think • Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead
  • Fungus
    Evil Triplet • Otherworld
  • Sun of Mine
    Nothingness • Being
  • The Mighty Rio Grande
    This Will Destroy You • This Will Destroy You
  • Cairo Levee
    Brokeback • Illinois River Valley Blues
  • her experiment
    Awenda Provincial Park • Remain Calm
  • The Darkest Day (Ft. Emiliana Torrini)
    Kid Koala • Music To Draw To: Satellite