Programmer Spotlight: Hannah ManyGuns

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Every week this summer, CJSW will take you behind the mic to spotlight one of our fantastic programmers. This week’s spotlight programmer is Hannah ManyGuns, our summer Multicultural Coordinator. Hannah hosts Avocado Daze, bringing CJSW from Sunday night into Monday morning with a new playlist every week from 12:00–1:00 a.m. Hannah sat down to talk about majdool cheese, the air of CJSW and a playlist for every occasion. Interview by Melanie Woods.

What show do you host and what does it focus on?

I host Avocado Daze, and it focuses on having something different each week. So you really don’t know what to expect on Avocado Daze. You know to expect good music. There’s always a different genre — I like to go through a whole bunch of different genres. For example, one week it may be jazz and blues, but the next week it might be thrash and punk. And the next week after that it could be disco and electronic and then even after that it could be local or maybe Canadian. So I just like to go through a bunch of different genres and show people that they don’t have to only have taste in one genre, they can like music in general. You don’t have to like one specific genre to like music and be yourself. You can like a bunch of different genres and have your own specific tastes as well.


How did you get started as a programmer?

I started volunteering when I first came to the [U of C], I lived in [residence] then. It was probably 2013 — four years ago. I just volunteered pretty much right when the clubs week was on and there was the [CJSW] tent outside and I signed up right away to start volunteering. I went to the information session, and I think Dave was the volunteer guy and he was awesome. I volunteered vehemently — it was like every single day —and then came Funding Drive and I volunteered all the dead-end shifts that nobody wanted and then I started doing production after that and I started making ads. Then the program director at the time was like ‘hey, you want a show?’ and I was like ‘yes! I do!’ So that’s how I got my show — I got my show by just volunteering a lot. Every since then it’s been great. I love radio.


What is your favourite thing about CJSW?

Just the general air about CJSW. I really like the way people feel at CJSW and the way that it makes you feel. It makes you feel like you’re at home, it makes you feel creative at the same time. It makes people come together and people form a community. I like the way people form a community here. There’s so many cool people — especially the [other summer staff]. It’s like ‘wow, you guys are so cool.’ It’s awesome to just come somewhere and be able to be surrounded by people that feel the same way as you or that have different perspectives but at the same time are interesting perspectives. They’re not just regurgitated people. Everybody here is just so unique and everybody has a beautiful air to them.


Lastly, and most importantly, what is your favourite sandwich?

It’s kind of, I guess, an advertisement, but I work at Aida’s Mediterranean Bistro, it’s on Fourth St. in Mission and it’s really good. And they make this really good sandwich called the majdool and feta sandwich and it has this majdool cheese in it — majdool cheese is this Lebanese cheese and it’s really stringy and salty and it’s really delicious. And they put these really good, really delicious marinated olives [on it] and I don’t really like olives, but these olives are the best olives. And they put them in there with lettuce and tomatoes and onions and peppers and this really tasty herbed mayo. And like, mayo is alright but this herbed mayo is amazing. And it’s wrapped in pita, so it’s great.

Check out Avocado Daze from 12:00–1:00 a.m. on Sunday nights on CJSW 90.9 FM, or online anytime at