A Quick FAQ from CJSW’s Program Director 

How does CJSW make programming decisions?

Airtime at CJSW is scarce. We have far more members than we do timeslots. We also have a mandate as a holder of a community broadcast license to provide Calgarians with access to the airwaves. When deciding who we put on air and when they’ll be on, lots of elements are considered. There’s a lot we need to think about when it comes to adding a new show to the airwaves: the potential host’s schedule, what timeslots are available, what kind of show they’re proposing and if it will fit in that slot, and a lot of other factors as well. With well over 100 unique programs, overseeing a group that size can be challenging but we do our best to balance the needs of listeners with the needs of our members.

Shows also come and go for a multitude of reasons. The big reason is our hosts are volunteers, and they’ve often got a lot of things going on in their lives in addition to CJSW. Often hosts go back to school or have a change in their class schedule, find a new job, move out of the city, or experience other personal reasons for leaving their slot. It is up to the host to disclose their reasons for leaving the airwaves. Lots of times, you can still hear them helping out as a fill-in DJ, and sometimes they come back when their circumstances change.

How do I find out more about the programs in the schedule?

As the Program Director its part of my responsibility to help listeners discover and digest our programming. Listeners can always contact me by phone (403-220-3903) or by email (programming@cjsw.com). If you have questions about anything you hear on our airwaves, I want to know what you’re thinking!

I have a great idea for a show! Can I be a DJ on CJSW?

First and foremost, everyone who has a show on CJSW is a volunteer. If you’re interested, you should sign up! Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come on down to our studios and become a CJSW volunteer. Send an email to office@cjsw.com to get all the details on how to sign up, take an orientation, and see if CJSW is right for you.

We don’t take submissions for ready-to-air or previously produced programs for our airwaves. With the exception of a few spoken word programs (such as Alternative Radio and Counterspin) and the occasional special broadcast, we are only interested in airing original content made here in the CJSW studios. We also do not accept show proposals for on air until the person proposing the show has proven themselves as an excellent member and volunteer at CJSW.