A Quick FAQ from CJSW’s Program Director for those with questions about our recent programming shake-up

Does CJSW still provide jazz programming?

Yes! We feature three jazz programs – Jazz Baby on Monday, Jazz Focus on Tuesday and Lift The Bandstand on Wednesday, each starting at 9pm. Also, though the programs are mixed, morning hosts Joe and Kenna Burima and Chris Nevile (The Morning After on Wednesdays 7-10am) are all former jazz programmers, as is Ola Kowalewski (Cold Smoke, Thursdays 7-10am) and Hanna Kassa (The Chit Chat, Tuesdays 7-10am) so Jazz is certainly still in the mix.

Is CJSW looking to attract a younger audience with our program change?

Not exactly. And definitely not in the context of ratings. We are, though, looking to expand our whole audience, as we always have. Unlike a commercial radio station, CJSW is a society composed of volunteer members with a mandate to serve our community. We must balance the special interests of niche listeners with the interests of more casual listeners, with the interests of our members, all while maintaining that mandate.

A more open format for morning programmers allows more of our members to contribute to those programs in the way of interviews and news pieces. And more slots in the whole schedule again allow more of our members to participate in creating programming, which is a better fulfillment of our mandate to provide community members with a voice.

And unlike other stations, as a listener of CJSW you can also become a member! We’re always looking for more volunteers from the Calgary community to help us out with programming in many facets.

How does CJSW make programming decisions?

Airtime at CJSW is scarce. We have far more members than we do timeslots. We also have a mandate as a holder of a community broadcast license to provide Calgarians with access to the airwaves. When deciding who we put on air and when they’ll be on, lots of factors are considered that go well beyond a program or programmer’s perceived popularity. With well over 100 unique programs, overseeing a staff that size can be challenging but we do our best to balance the needs of listeners with the needs of our members.

In embarking on so many adjustments all at once as we did in March, we sought to create a greater number of opportunities for our members to be involved. So the idea of what programs will attract the best audiences at what times was a secondary consideration to accommodating our members who we felt deserved more opportunity to participate.

How do I find out more about the programs in the schedule?

As the Program Director its part of my responsibility to help listeners discover and digest our programming. Listeners can always contact me by phone (403-220-3903) or by email (cjswpd@ucalgary.ca)

How do I get involved?

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come on down to our studios and become a CJSW volunteer. Send an email to office@cjsw.com to get all the details on whats involved and when training sessions will be held.

And we also are always looking for feedback on our programming. You can contact me anytime at 403-220-3903 or by filling out our Feedback Form on this website. CJSW has a dynamic schedule, changes are constant and the more listeners let us know what they think the better we can be. Compliments are also appreciated! Thanks so much for being a part of the CJSW community!