People’s Music

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CJSW presents “People’s Music,” a new series of field recordings, interviews, and videos that showcases the music and songs of newcomers, refugees, and immigrants to Calgary.


This series is dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding amongst the people of Calgary on the wide array of music that takes place in our own backyard. It encourages appreciation of the diversity of music, songs, and peoples who come to the city, and ultimately shows us how culturally rich and artistically varied our city is. New segments will be released on an on-going basis. Audio can be found at on the People’s Music page and the 360 VR videos can be found on our YouTube page.


To launch the series, Aya Mhana came to the CJSW Studios to record three songs and an interview to tell her story. Aya came to Calgary as a refugee from Syria in the winter of 2015 as a result of the Syrian crisis, and currently resides here with her husband and daughter. She plays a combination of traditional Syrian folk songs as well as songs she has written herself on the oud, a Middle Eastern stringed instrument that is thousands of years old.

-Mike Tod