CJSW + Welcome to the West

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Late in 2015, CJSW was approached by Chad Tweten of the excellent visual art collective Welcome to the West. The project focused on creating videos in the CJSW studios featuring local bands that were new to the scene.

We decided that local, synth heavy, psychedelic, mutant disco band Sleepkit would be a great fit for the series. The band is comprised of many of the city’s finest musicians: Marie Sulkowski (vocals + synth), Ryan Bourne (vocals, bass + synth), Joleen Toner (vocals + synth) and Eric Hamelin (drums).

The trippy sounds of the band were coupled with a blacked out room and we hooked up as many projectors as we could get our hands on, creating a swirling psychedelic atmosphere that blended wonderfully with the band’s sound.

The video was a challenge to edit, but the result is a disorienting and somewhat delirious look into the band’s mysterious kaleidoscopic mind.

Marie Sulkowski (vocals, keys)
Ryan Bourne (vocals, bass)
Joleen Toner (keys, vocals)
Eric Hamelin (drums)
Produced by: Brendan Kane (Welcome to the West)
Directed by: Chad Tweten (Welcome to the West)
Audio by: Whitney Ota (CJSW)
Visuals by: Rebecca Reid (Watermelon Sugar)