Canada 200

Hosted and produced by Peter Oliver

Canada 200 is a glimpse into the future of the next 50 years in Canada through a collection of interviews with thinkers and writers who have played a role in shaping the way Canadians see ourselves. This series will provide an introspective look at the political, cultural, social, environmental and urban issues facing Canada at 150.



    Ep.01 – Doug Saunders | Maximum Canada

    We speak with award-winning journalist, author and Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders on how a range of sweeping issues that erupted into the foreground in 1967 ushered in the birth of modern Canada. We’ll also explore his vision for Canada’s future from his latest book Maximum Canada that proposes tripling Canada’s population in the next 50 years to create lasting prosperity and ensure economic and ecological sustainability.

    Ep.02 – Naheed Nenshi | Resiliency and Growth of Cities

    After major growth, economic downtown, and natural disasters Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi speaks about the city’s resilience. We also discuss Calgary’s new Indigenous Relations office, managing growth in Canadian cities, and how well Canada’s cities are integrating new Canadians.

    Ep.03 – Kent Monkman | Shame and Prejudice

    Last January, Cree artist Kent Monkman launched the exhibition Shame & Prejudice: A Story of Resilience, which appropriates traditional European-style history painting to present an indigenous perspective on Canada’s colonial history. On this episode, we speak with Kent Monkman about his exhibition, how it came to be and his view on the future of indigenous relations in Canada.

    Ep.04 – Jackie Flanagan | Woman and Politics

    On this episode we speak with the founder of Alberta Views magazine, Jackie Flanagan, on Woman and Politics. We’ll discuss the changing role of women in society and why there is a need for our institutions to evolve to become more compatible with the lifestyles of modern Canadians.

    Ep.05 – Andrew Coyne | Rebuilding Canada’s Conservative Movement

    National Post columnist Andrew Coyne on the declined state of the conservative movement in Canada and how it could rebuild as an intellectual force for the future.

    Ep.06 – David Schindler | Ignoring Science

    Canadian environmental scientist and Founding Director of the Experimental Lakes Area, David Schindler, on why future Canadian governments shouldn’t ignore science in shaping environmental and economic decisions.

    Ep.07 – Brent Toderian | The Design of Canadian Cities

    Nationally and internationally respected thought leader on urbanism and city planning, Brent Toderian, on the state of urban design and the future of Canadian cities.

    Ep.08 – Moshe Safdie | Sustainable Urbanism: For Everyone a Garden

    The urban planner, educator, theorist, author, and Canadian architect behind Habitat ’67, the National Gallery, Yad Vashem, and many more projects around the globe, Moshe Safdie offers his insights on sustainable urbanism and the future of architecture in Canadian cities.

    Ep.09 – Jennifer Keesmaat | The Opportunity of Affordable Housing in Canadian Cities

    Former Toronto Chief City Planner and current CEO of the newly formed Creative Housing Society, Jennifer Keesmaat, with a look at the challenges presented by today’s housing market and the need for new affordable housing options to ensure the future viability of Canadian cities.