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Big Friday

Hosted By: Myke Atkinson

Hailing from a galaxy that communicates in bleeps and bloops, Myke blasts your Friday straight into bass-driven nirvana with an arsenal of electronic tunes and scientific reckonings to take you skyward.

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3 Minutes: Fact or Fiction
Producer Marc Affeld tells Myke a story in 3 minutes and he has to decide whether it’s a story of fact or a story of fiction. Board games on the radio. Subscribe in iTunes.

Theoretically Speaking
Myke asks producer Alex Kim some ridiculous hypothetical question, and Alex hunts down the answer from some of the brightest minds. Absurd science for the win. Subscribe in iTunes.

The Memory Palace
Each week at 7:30am we air an amazing story from Nate Dimeo’s storytelling series The Memory Palace. Enhance your brain and your soul. Subscribe in iTunes.

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