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Desi Vibes

Hosted By: Rup Dhaliwal, Harvin Singh, Naanak Sodhi (Sodhivine), Sumeet Bhatia (baTea)

Spend your Tuesday evening jamming to the finest in Bhangra beats, new and old with Desi Vibes, a veteran on the airwaves in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Bhangra is one of the fastest growing musical genres in the world, originating from the valleys and fields of Punjab, a powerful region located in northwestern India. The dominating beat of the Dhol, catchy tunes of the Tumbi and evocative vocals combine to create melodies that captivate listeners from all corners of the world in celebration of the Punjabi culture. Not limited to traditional pieces, Bhangra has also evolved as a fusion of the East and the West, and has today, become a commanding presence on the international music scene.

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