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Tha Gospel Ov Fire

Hosted By: HaSatanAB

Tha Gospel Ov Fire: some “good news” from Heraclitus: an analytic embrace ov all aeternal flux just as it becomes- sans any authorial pressumptions, opening into an immoralist ethics (virtue defined as liberty and strength) and pluralist epistemology (truth-value derived from breadth and coherence, so acclaiming maximal diversity as desirable in itself); acknowledging combustion’s consequences; anticapitalist-antifascist- antipop; create ur space! Dei ex Dio! ave Satanas! Sharing my research into worlding today: in new release music (various metal, hardcore, some electronic and experimental; ambient drone, neoclassical or anything good fur reading) and word papers (philosophy: ov history, biology, society and linguistics.. id est Nietzsche); contemplative fiction via public domain audiobooks; Occidental politics and science news; gnosticism.

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