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Radio Interference

The sounds and rhythms of present day dystopia.

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The Inmost Light

Join Shion as he explores the depths of industrial, prog, folk, and avant-garde.

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Some Velvet Mornings

Beauteous electronic soundscapes made accessible.

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Fresh Out The Dryer

Colourful, psychedelic, experimental electronic music that will leave you dizzy and with a fresh outdoor scent, brought to you every…

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That’s Classical?

“We live in a time I think not of mainstream, but of many streams, or even, if you insist upon…

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Straight On ‘Til Morning

The live concert experience in a snapshot, taped live and not in studio, no overdubs warts and all included. Sometimes…

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Alternative To What?

Enticing, sometimes challenging, music from the vast underground for thirsty ears and enquiring minds: post-punk, instrumental, math rock, avant, jazz,…

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Processed is a show that will explore the other side of electronic music: These are not the club anthems that…

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Katharsis is a weekly journey to the polar regions of contemporary music. These unfamiliar musical frontiers are scoured for adventurous…

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Improvisation, free jazz, contemporary composition, spoken word, mash-ups, plunderphonics, ambient, electronics, avant, post rock, extreme, outer limits are some descriptors.