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2023 Funding Drive

October 20-27, 2023


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Free Verse

Where prairie road trip meets poetry slam. Kick off your afternoon with all things folk, country, and roots both old …

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A journey within, around, and all over the expansive folk genre. Les and Bruce each bring a different side of …

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Lush Life

Join Megan Friday mornings for some toe-tapping bebop and straight-ahead jazz, as we make our way towards Funk, Ska, Soul …

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Breaking The Tethers

Listen to Breaking The Tethers for music you could call jazz, broadly defined. Free, modal, experimental, avant, out there, and …

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Daytime Television

Bored of channel surfing? Daytime Television is your musical TV guide.  Featuring nothing but fresh cutting edge content from artists …

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A place to grow your love for fresh tracks and old favourites. Emily shows you a variety of artists that …

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Copacabana Connection

Sometimes it can be harder to connect with a song made in a language you don’t know, but not to …

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Level The Vibes

Playing ska, reggae, and lovers rock from the 60s onwards