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Level The Vibes

Playing ska, reggae, and lovers rock from the 60s onwards

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Road Pops

Bringing you music and opinion since 1984, featuring the best in dub, 4:20 reggae, afrobeat, latin, electronica, breakbeat, soul and…

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Trippin’ the Night

Mixed Music Blend: Psychedelic, Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country from the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s & Beyond.…

MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings

Start your Saturday exploring musicians of the great white north. Full playlists can be found on the MAPL Syrup main…

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Breaking The Tethers

Listen to Breaking The Tethers for music you could call jazz, broadly defined. Free, modal, experimental, avant, out there, and…

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Jazz Today

This program is dedicated to the best of contemporary jazz music, affirming that jazz music is relevant and thriving today.…

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Breaking Techniques

Val takes you from the hip hop heavy Shaolin Sundays to our Sunday night chillout block in style. It’s a…

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Soul Food

Cruise into your weekend with a soulful, funkified, disco-dripping Friday morning. Join Hayley as she digs in the crates for…