Contemporary Calgary

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Contemporary Calgary aims to provide Calgary and its visitors with a significant visual arts destination dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

The former Centennial Planetarium, itself a significant work of architectural art, is being transformed into a world-class gallery where we will deliver outstanding local, national and international contemporary art programming. Core to our vision, we aspire to become a leading voice among arts institutions by embracing our values of being welcoming, inclusive, engaging and relevant.

Contemporary Calgary began with a collaboration of visual arts partners including the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art (IMCA), the Art Gallery of Calgary (AGC) and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MOCA) in co-operation with members of the Calgary visual arts community.

  • We believe in the power of art to transform the places and the lives we live.
  • We share a passion for art that is relevant, meaningful, and challenging.
  • We share a passion for Calgary to be a global city of choice.

It’s time to step up and put Calgary’s voice into an exciting international dialogue.

701 11 St SW