Metrovino Fine Wines

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After over 21 years of wine tasting in Calgary, we continue to not take ourselves too seriously. We feel very privileged that we’ve been able to pay our bills all this time by sharing wines that we love and believe in, never succumbing to the financially attractive urge to sell prosaic wine or fill orders for the flavours of the week. Metrovino remains a retail embodiment of the unyielding love of wine, the yearning for the beautifully disparate places from whence it comes and the emphatic support of the indefatigable individuals who bring it to fruition.

We have a fabulous space to host wine tastings and wine classes right here in the shop. Check out the TASTINGS tab to see what we have to offer.

There are still many discoveries to be made and many minds to be expanded… we look forward to several more decades of sharing honest and delicious wines with you.

722 11 Ave SW