Interview with Nesha Nycee (Sled Island 2024)

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Nesha Nycee at I Love You Coffee Shop on Wednesday, June 19 2024.

Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Nesha Nycee is set to perform for her first Sled Island show at Sloth Records on Wednesday, June 19 at 5:30 p.m. Nesha Nycee expresses her excitement to perform and familiarize herself with the local scene. She credits performing at Sled Island to Tea Fannie, a local hip-hop artist in Calgary.

Special thank you to Take Aim Media for organizing the Sled Island 2024 Interviews, and I Love You Coffee Shop for hosting us.


Catalina Berguno: Okay, so hello, Nesha. Thank you so much for meeting with us to here today. It was a lovely surprise, and we always welcome any artists coming here today. So I wanted to ask, could you please take a moment to introduce yourself to the audience? What do you do? Who you are?

Nesha Nycee: Yes, absolutely. Well, first of all, I just want to say thank you guys so much for having me. I know it was impromptu. I know it was, you know, unorthodox and just but I really appreciate you guys accepting me and having me on the platform. I’m always grateful when an independent artist like myself gets another outlet and another opportunity to make people aware of what I do. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Shout out to Sled Island. I am Nesha Nycee, say it twice, the Queen, huh? Get all the way into it. Originally from St Louis, Missouri, raised in Atlanta, so I claim St.lanta as a mixture, but a spirit of the world. You know, I’ve been on Venus, I’ve been on Jupiter, I’ve been on Mars. You see, I’m saying I’ve been a couple of places, been through a few different realms, and I’m now, I’m here at the beautiful sled Island, baby, and we’re getting all the way into it.

Catalina Berguno: So I was curious, going back to a little bit, couple years back, like what inspired you to start making music?

Nesha Nycee: Yeah, so I always, always have to credit it to just my my passion and my purpose, and me really coining in and realizing what that was at a young age. I started doing music at nine years old, and I feel like it relates directly to my circumstances and the adversity and the challenges that I had faced at a younger age, and just needed music to be an outlet, always feeling like the piece of paper is my canvas, and my words are like the strokes of the paintbrush, right whenever I’m writing with my pen, or even when I’m typing on my phone, like it’s just a way for me to be, for me to fully express, without having to worry about validation or have to worry about, you know, is my notepad going to say anything back to me? It just allows me to be me, and that’s, that’s really how I got my start with music, okay?

Catalina Berguno: And I guess, from what I’ve gathered, you heard about sled island from a friend. How did that come about?

Nesha Nycee: Yes, yes, yes. Shout out to my girl, the queen. Hey, get all into it. Tea Fannie, thank you so much. I have to salute her. A very another dope artist. And I’m not gonna say female artists, just a dope all around artists, dope MC and I’m just super grateful for her. We actually connected in Rotterdam, Rotterdam at new school rules, and we just hit it off. Like she said, we met in the airport. We were all waiting for the shuttle to come to the festival, to take us to the hotel where they were hosting the festival, and to get our passes and check in and etc. And we just hit it off from the shuttle to the when it was time to check in, to when it was time to go to the shows. We just, Hey, okay, what room you in? Okay, I’m in this room. All right. Let’s meet back up in the lobby and, you know, go to the show. Let’s do this like we just hit it off, like we knew each other. And I tend to do that with people just around the world, because I have a very open energy, and I love freely, right? And it can sometimes be a gift and a curse, but yeah, so that’s pretty much how I heard about it. Was through tea. We both saw each other perform at new school rules, and we enjoyed each other. And she was just like, oh my gosh, Nesha, like, you have to come to Calgary, like, you have to come like, it’s this amazing festivals called Sled Island. You would be dope there. And I really think it would be an amazing opportunity for you. And so, yeah, I really think you should consider us. This is it’s already done. Like, I don’t even know how what’s gonna be what like when she told me about it in Rotterdam, I’m like, I’m there before I even knew the submission or what I had to do to, you know, make it happen, I just spoke it into existence, and I’m here now. And so shout out to T shout out to the whole staff at Sled Island. Shout out to you guys.

Catalina Berguno: We’re here. Well, thank you so much. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to have you here and so. So, from what I heard, it’s not just your first time performance Sled Island . It’s also your first time in Calgary.

Nesha Nycee: It is, it is it is it is it is. Yes. Shout out to Calgary. I’ve noticed the Canada Dry’s. They are everywhere. I love- ginger ale is one of my favourites. And so I love Canada Dry. You’re not really drinking real ginger real unless you’re drinking Canada Dry. So shout out to y’all for having Canada Dry everywhere I go. I’m like, why is everywhere?

Catalina Berguno: So I’m guessing it. You’re finding it well so far?

Nesha Nycee: I do! I like it. I like the energy. It’s a little cold. Now it’s a little chilly. I’m like, wait a minute. Um, I had to switch seasons coming here, back in Atlanta, it’s… sizzling like you could crack an egg and make a breakfast on the sidewalk, because the sun is beaming down here. I’m like, you know, I’m a grizzly bear. I’m a polar but no polar bear. Wait a minute, or grizzly bears being cold, climbing as well. And so y’all got me, but no, yeah, so it’s the other than the weather. It’s beautiful. It’s real. And today is a nice day. It’s a little chilly, but it’s still nice. I know once it gets later in the day, the temperature’s gonna drop. The talent here is immense. I’ve seen a lot of talent just from last night with the kickoff party. So shout out to all of the creatives, all of the artists. We all play a bigger part to this creative ecosystem. And so it’s been a pleasure. It’s been a blast. I’ve totally enjoyed it. I really have.

Catalina Berguno: Yeah, and you’re staying here for the duration of sled Island. 

Nesha Nycee: Yes,I am. I am. And I also have, like, a few gigs outside of sled Island. I’ll be hosting, like, a jam session. Shout out to the Alcove Art Center. Shout out to tea as well. She connected me with connected me to that. And then I’m also looking at another performance, a possibility for another one as well. And so I’ll roll those details out on my socials. Make sure you guys stay tapped in with me.

Catalina Berguno: Well, that’s great that you have a friend to kind of connect you here to the music scene here. Yes. And so what, uh, besides that, what plans do you have, like in sled Island? Do Are you watching any other performers perform? Yeah,

Nesha Nycee: I’m gonna catch as many people as possible. I mean, obviously we just keeping in mind I want to still be disciplined and make sure, okay, I want to carve out that time to rest and recharge for my set as well. But as long as I’m out, I’m catching everybody I don’t obviously, it’s my first time. I’m not familiar with any other artists outside of tea and maybe a few artists that she’s told me about. But I’m supporting everybody. That’s just the type of person I am. I don’t have to know you. I don’t have to know your music, but if I see you’re passionate about it, you’re giving your all, like, it’s free for me to support. I’m joining in. I’m showing love, I’m having a good time. And so yeah, like, that’s how we started. We kicked off the night with that. And so I did a lot of that last night, just showing love and supporting the artists. And so I’m excited to see everybody, everybody, no one specifically, but everybody, literally, awesome.

Catalina Berguno: I love your energy. You’re so thank you. And yeah, going into that, I know you do a lot of hip hop music, what would you say are some of your music inspirations?

Nesha Nycee: Yeah, wow, absolutely. I would have to say Lauren Hill. I mean, having to take it to somebody like Whitney Houston, although she was a singer, I just think when it’s something about having a gift and just being having that all around package that I just feel like sets people apart, no matter what you do. And so I looked up to her. She was amazing. Beyonce is another one that just goes past the limits with her stage presence, the way she shows up, the way she performs, the way she projects her voice, the way she’s classically trained in so many different ways. I mean, as an emcee, I admire those things, because I feel like as a true artist, you really are exactly what art is, right? And so you’re not just an artist. You are what art is. And so I feel like that’s what Beyonce is. And so when you’re able to use your voice as an instrument, the way that she is, I try to do that with my voice, even when I’m rapping, trying new different things with harmonizing and just not being afraid to push the envelope. It’s so many people, obviously, Tupac, Missy Elliot, with the creativity, Lisa Left Eye, I gotta go to organize noise and the Dungeon Family, I mean the greatness that they inspired in Atlanta for like, you know TLC and outcasts and so many artists that they were responsible for, sleep well, resting in peace. To Rico Wade, he was amazing. He was a pioneer that was heavily behind, like, I say, outcasts, TLC and really planting those seasons. So I look up to artists like that. CeeLo, I mean, people that are really pushing the envelope. I really love sad boy. She’s a new artist coming out of I don’t know if I believe she’s out of Toronto. I want to say she’s out of Toronto, but she’s dope. She’s very dope. She’s very dope. She’s pushing the envelope. Um, she kind of reminds me a little bit of Rihanna, but. Has her own thing, like she’s really pushing the envelope. I’m inspired by a lot of people. Tierra Whack, Solange, um, so many females that are just amazing. I could just, I could go on and on. Rapsody, yeah. So many people. Eve, so many people. So many people. Nicki, Minaj, oh, my God, she’s amazing. I went to see her live in Chicago. She’s, she’s amazing.

Catalina Berguno: I think the one that stood out to to me the most that you mentioned was Lauryn Hill, yes, because I’m really big fan of her, but yeah, a lot of the people around me don’t know.

Nesha Nycee: No, she listened the fact that she was only able to come out with one album, and her career supersedes that album, like she continues to be a legend time and time again, and so many generations are learning about that album. You know, even as babies coming up, that one album that came out over 20 years ago, it’s amazing. So shout out to Lauryn Hill.

Catalina Berguno: So I know, like, as you mentioned, this your first time in Calgary, but this isn’t your first time in Canada, right?

Nesha Nycee: It is, actually, it is. I mean, I’ve had a few like, stops through Canada, because I do a lot of traveling, like, right now, this is the sixth stop on my independent international tour that I’ve been on since January. And so I’ve had, like, some layovers in Canada, but not actually spent time here, being on the soil, been able to touch the trees and really breathe the air outside of the airport. So this is beautiful.

Catalina Berguno: Okay, so Calgary’s gonna set the standard. 

Nesha Nycee: Yes, yes. You guys are setting the tone. I’m trying to see what’s going on Calgary while we do it.

Catalina Berguno: Well, I really hope you enjoy it. Yes, lovely. Here. Lots of great places to eat. But before, I guess kind of I wanted to ask, is there anything you want to talk about throughout this conversation that you want to bring.

Nesha Nycee: Oh, I mean, I guess I’m just thank you guys again for having me. I’m really grateful. I’m very grateful to be here at sled Island and just to show my talent and my gift. And I don’t really get nervous about performing, but I’m a little like, okay, like, this is new territory. My first time being in Canada, I’ve been to a lot of different places. I’m frequent in like Europe and kind of in different places like that. But this is new territory, so I’m feeling excited, and I feel like they’re good nerves. And so my album is out right now. It came out January, and so like I said, I’ve started the tour since January. So January, I did France. February, Ireland. March, I did Sweden. April, Tokyo. I did Wales in May. I’m here now in Calgary, small little break in between, and then Croatia. You guys stay posted. Stay tuned. I’ll be adding more tour dates. My album is out right now, called “Nutritional Facts”, and it’s just about pouring into yourself. I mean, I love having my herbal tea. I love making sure I have my water, and being disciplined as best as I can in my diet. I’m not perfect, but just trying to make sure, like the things that I speak and also the things that I eat, they all go hand in hand, and how I treat people, and you know, what I think about myself, and the way I show up for myself, the way I show up for my people. It all goes hand in hand with my music. And so I just want you guys to continue to be a light. Bet on yourself, if nobody else Believe, Achieve so you can receive, and that’s a bar. Remember, you are the bar. Set the bar. Set the bar. Don’t allow anybody else to set the bar for you. Yes, just continue to walk in your purpose. Walk in your purpose, walk in your path, walk in your passion, in whatever the fashion is. Www, nishanycee on our platforms, N-E-S-H-A-N-Y-C-E-E, that is again, N-E-S-H-A-N-Y-C-E-E. Just support, you know, show that love and just support an independent artist. Y’all, it’s not easy, you know, pouring into yourself. I’m self funded. This is a self funded tour, independent. I appreciate the support the people that’s like, ‘Yo Nesha, I got gear that I want you to rock, that I want you to wear on the tour’. Thank you so much. Shout out to crew. Love for crew. It’s the power of the hands, like I made. Your love for y’all. Shout out to the other independent brands and people that show up and show love and support me. But like I said, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. It’s rewarding. I get to do amazing things like this, meet amazing people like you, Queen. Be in a beautiful place like Calgary, be at Sled Island, baby, and we just getting started! What!?

Catalina Berguno: I’m so happy for you. It sounds like there’s a lot of exciting plants in store. And I hope this isn’t the last time you’re here in Canada or specifically-

Nesha Nycee: No, I’m coming back. I’m saying it on record. I got I’m gonna do another tour, even if I’m just touring different places in. Canada. I just have a lot of plans. And so, yeah, I’m travelling this whole entire world. And so Canada, this is not this will not be the last time we are just getting started. Let’s go.

Catalina Berguno: Awesome. Thank you.

Nesha Nycee: Thank you so much. Peace.