Music Submissions


If you are a local Calgary artist, please continue to send us physical copies to add to our Local Music Library.

  • We accept any new album (released within the last three months) that contains four or more unique tracks for on-air consideration (please send us the full release). We do not accept singles.
  • Digital submissions, in MP3 format, can be sent to [email protected]
  • Please send albums in a zip format, transferring via dropbox, OneDrive, or sending a Bandcamp code works best.
  • Please do not attach songs to emails.
  • Please include a streaming link and biographical information, including focus tracks or songs that have explicit language.
  • Artists from Calgary and area, please include “Local Artist” in your message subject. This will ensure your release is given priority and get on the radio faster.
  • Please also indicate if your release is CANCON.

If you are a local or independent artist who needs assistance submitting digitally, please get in touch with Helen Young, Music & Performance Director, at [email protected].


Once we’ve received your submission, it will go into review rotation where CJSW volunteers and staff ensure it’s appropriate for our library and airwaves. This process is about fit, not merit, so don’t take it personally if we don’t end up doing anything with your release. CJSW aims to promote music not supported by mainstream media and we do take this into account when reviewing music.

CJSW is a freeform radio station, which means programmers are volunteers and have the freedom to choose the music they play. We don’t have rotations or playlists. Once your album has been added to our library, it’s all up to the programmers. Our job is to make music available to the programmers, not to tell them what to play.

We do our tracking via a weekly email. If you’d like to know if your release was accepted and if it made it to our charts, please sign up! You can also search for an artist name on to see if it’s getting spins, and check our weekly charts on EarShot and NACC.

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