Acheulean Age – Episode April 6, 2024

Program: Acheulean Age

Length: 60 minutes

Welcome to Syf's Garden of Earthly Delights! Enjoy an eclectic mix on today's episode, perfect for enjoying the snowmelt all around!


  • Moontown / Walking on the Moon
    Lucia Pamela • Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela
  • The French Revolution
    Erica Pomerance • You Used To Think
  • La petite marche
    Genticorum • Au coeur de l'aube
  • Not the King
    Am Lerner • Once in Awhile EP
  • Evigt regn
  • Hippy Happy Land
    Rodd Keith • I Died Today: The Music Of Rodd Keith
  • Dope Fiend Blues
    Allen Ginsburg • The Last Word On First Blues
  • Nights At The Circus
    Hangman • As Dark As It Seems
  • I'm Not Strong Enough
    Bryan Toner • Remembering Country
  • Eleven Intrusions VIII: Lover
    Harry Partch • Eleven Intrusions
  • Matador
    Lori Yates • Matador
  • Lighthouse II
    Colin Stetson, featuring Brigdhe Chaimbeul • When we were that what wept for the sea
  • Selkie-boy
    Spell Songs, featuring Julie Fowlis • spell songs
  • White Trash Hillbilly Trick
    Peter Grudzien • The Unicorn Album No. One (In Two Sides)
  • I'm Just A Hop Head
    Moondog • H'art Songs
  • I Talk To The Trees
    Martin Denny • Exotic Moog
  • Trippers Turn Country
    Mr. Liquor • Spirits, Wine, Beer
  • Interplanetary Music
    Sun Ra • We Travel The Space Ways