Alternative Radio – Episode January 18, 2023

Program: Alternative Radio

Length: 60 minutes

The Ukraine War & the Future of Democracy

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an unambiguous violation of the UN Charter and international law. NATO’s expansion eastward up to Russia’s borders was seen by Moscow as an existential threat thus prompting its attack. The war continues with no end in sight. The Ukrainian foreign minister says, “Every war ends in a diplomatic way. Every war ends at the negotiating table.” That’s no doubt true but Kjiv is imposing preconditions for talks that are highly unlikely to be accepted by Russia. Medea Benjamin co-founder of the peace group Code Pink says, “The White House and Congress are fueling this war with a steady stream of weapons instead of pushing for talks to end the conflict.” We need, she says, “negotiations, not escalation.”

Speaker: Timothy Snyder

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