Alternative To What? – Episode January 28, 2016


  • leaving time
    barzin • my life in rooms
  • january sun
    beef donut • beef donut
  • white dwarf white sea
    eric chenaux • dull lights
  • in the television hours
    japanese treats • japanese treats
  • hombre lobo, not hombre nuevo
    bill laswell • imaginary cuba
  • pounds
    land of marigold • land of marigold
  • the great banks
    brokeback • field recordings from the cook county water table
  • hockey ghosts
    hockey ghosts • mr. bonds walk in closet
  • rite of the ancients
    the budos band • the budo band III
  • prungen
    jaga jazzist • starfire
  • the hypocrite, if he dies, if if if
    jerusalem in my heart • if he dies, if if if if if
  • a river runs through this city
    esmerine • lost voices
  • damaged goods
    gang of four • best of
  • tug of war
    sasha siem • most of the boys
  • riot & revolution
    cecile doo-kingue • dialogues
  • thankful
    cecile doo-kingue • dialogues
  • sigh, me good
    barnyard drama • i'm a navvy
  • at the dark end of the street
    diamanda galas • la serpenta canta
  • man without shadow
    half japanese • perfect
  • legends of my own
    gun outfit • dream all over
  • all blues hail mary
    joe henry • blood from stars