Alternative To What? – Episode September 13, 2018


  • maze
    mari boine and lui sola • lui sola
  • lies my body told me
    marc ribot and ceramic dog • your turn
  • waste
    frigs • basic behaviour
  • building our own prison
    waco brothers • going down in history
  • green grass of tunnel
    múm • finally we are no one
  • farewell four
    haramia tapes • pfunk
  • no pistolas
    yohimbe brothers • the tao of yo
  • the heist pt. II
    Freak Motif • Hot Plate
  • tonopah
    Wish Lash • Altar of Doubt
  • too beautiful to work
    the luyas • too beautiful to work
  • darkness bring the light
    Elisapie • The Ballad of the Runaway Girl
  • bad buddhist
    sick boss • sick boss
  • i'm watching you
    Petra Glynt • My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love
  • the peter criss jazz
    don caballero • american don
  • I'll let you know (feat. Terra Lightfoot)
    Sam Weber • New Agile Freedom EP
  • omnipotent
    Robot Apocalypse • Robot Apocalypse
  • bruce beckons (bruce penninsula, ON)
    sandro perri, christine fellows, john k samson • national parks project
  • day of the dead
    Chris Butler & Ralph Carney • Songs For Unsung Holidays
  • human zoo
    heliocentrics • a world of masks
  • dank shit
    beth custer • hometown (music for the joe goode performance group)
  • swimming pool
    Anna Calvi • Hunter
  • mushroom man
    les claypool • of fungi and foe
  • hacking machine
    Guerilla Toss • Twisted
  • olhosss...
    sao paulo underground • sauna: um, dois, tres