Alternative To What? – Episode April 4, 2019


  • mirror forever
    Weyes Blood • Titanic Rising
  • austerity blues
    A Silver Mt. Zion • fuck off get free we pour the light on everything
  • simple things
    Nana Adjoa • A Tale So Familliar
  • i put a spell on you
    dj champion • (single)
  • party clown
    Jenny Lewis • On The Line
  • are we trapped
    umar bin hassan (feat. dead prez) • are we trapped
  • in a different city
    bablicon • agustus syphilus
  • bloodless
    Andrew Bird • My Finest Work Yet
  • the gaze
    bell orchestre • as seen through windows
  • whims and border
    bent by elephants • this is water
  • ocean of revenge
    Stephen Malkmus • Groove Denied
  • eat it or wear it
    kids eat crayons • kids eat crayons is for lovers
  • we could forever
    bablicon • black sands
  • it's a lonesome old town
    Friendly Rich • Friendly Rich Sings Only The Lonely
  • one must imagine sisyphus happy
    Le Rex • Escape Of The Fire Ants
  • kangaroo
    big star • third - sister lovers
  • industry
    Harold Mabern • The Iron Man: Live at Smoke
  • all you ever wanted
    the black keys • attack & release
  • the great banks
    brokeback • field recordings from the....
  • the glory of man
    minutemen • double nickels on the dime
  • atmospheric trampoline
    Defend The Rhino • Glisten
  • everything that happens
    brian eno & david byrne • everything that happens will happen again
  • 05
    Bullshit Dub Soundsystem • The Process of Seeding Doubt
  • far from the maddening crowd
    Elena Setién • another kind of revolution
  • ride blind
    circuit des yeux • in plain speech
  • do do do
    Ben Shemie • A Skeleton