Artslink – Episode April 5, 2021

Program: Artslink

Length: 30 minutes

April is National Poetry Month. Artslink is celebrating by have three Calgary poets on the show. Jeanne speaks to Laurie Ann Fuhr and Sholley Powell. They are regulars on the poetry scene in the city. Then, Nathan speaks with Josephine LoRe about the forms of poetry called Haiku & Tanka. From influences & history, to how the forms work. -We hope you'll be inspired to try your own!

Here's the Haiku Nathan came up with after being assigned one for pre-interview homework (Try your own, remembering to keep them in present-tense):

Bubbles trapped in ice,
left by muskrats in transit,
showing their highways.

You can find Josephine's work on her website:

For more information on the form: