Artslink – Podcast July 1, 2019

Program: Artslink

Length: 1 minutes

On the July episode of Artslink, Jeanne talks to photographer Brittany Nickerson about her three-month artist residency at Untitled Art Society that begins July 6th.

Then, Nathan speaks with Bruce Zawalsky of the Boreal Wilderness Institute, author of the book ‘Canadian Wilderness Survival’, and creator of The ‘Canadian Outdoor Survival Podcast’.

They discuss concepts from his book, as well as some specifics Nathan found interesting.

There is also a digression into The Mors Kohanski Super Shelter & the use of ‘space blankets’.

You can learn more about Bruce, his work, & YOUR Alberta wilderness by visiting:


Canadian Survival

The musical interlude this month is a cover of ‘Fireball XL5’ by Showbusiness Giants