Attention Surplus Disorder – Episode August 11, 2018


  • Straight Ahead
    Scott Macleod • Flicker and Fade
  • Long Way From Home
    Siena Root • Far From the Sun
  • Skeppet Nautilus
    Gudars Skymning • Grodans Sang
  • Editions of You/In Every Dreamhome A Heartache
    Roxy Music • For Your Pleasure
  • Parents
    Budgie • Never Turn Your Back on a Friend
  • In The Center Of The Room
    Alice D. And The Wild Flowers • In The Center Of The Room
  • Flower Power
    Greta Van Fleet • From the Fires
  • Midnight Tango
    Al Di Meola • Elegant Gypsy
  • Noise/Someone Like You
    Ramses • La Leyla
  • Histoires San Paroles
    Harmonium • Si On Avait Beson D'Une Cinquieme Saison
  • Beginning of Us
    Lobate Scarp • Time and Space
  • Haven
    Hillward • System
  • La Oscuridad
    Samurai of Prog • Archiviarum