Attention Surplus Disorder – Episode March 4, 2023

Program: Attention Surplus Disorder

Length: 120 minutes


  • Straight Ahead
    Scott Macleod • Flicker and Fade
  • Bitter Cold
    Jack Potter • Pride Before the Fall
  • The Trapper
    Flamborough Head • Shreds of Evidence (the Rarities)
  • Rockpommel's Land (conclusion)
    Grobschnitt • Rockpommel's Land
  • The Craft//Witchfinder
    Band of Rain • Petrichor
  • Tomorrow
    Days Before Tomorrow • Now and Then Part 2;Stories and Dreams
  • Odgen's Nut Gone Flake/Afterglow/Long Agos and Worlds Apart
    Small Faces • Odgen's Nut Gone Flake
  • Dark Side of the Moon (whole album)
    Pink Floyd • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Borrowed Time
    Rick Miller • Altered States
  • Digital Soundscape
    Opus Arise • The Network