Attention Surplus Disorder – Episode March 2, 2024

Program: Attention Surplus Disorder

Length: 120 minutes


  • Straight Ahead
    Scott Macleod • Flicker and Fade
  • Wind of Heaven (Epilogue)/ Hold back the Rain
    David Minasian • Sound of Dreams
  • Utopia
    Magick Brother and Mystic Sister • Magick Brother and Mystic Sister
  • Butterfly Sky/ Fire in the Sky
    Ragnarok • Ragnarok
  • Maranatha
    Avalon • Voice of Life
  • Look To The Sky
    Hogjaw • Sons Of The Western Skies
  • Prologue/Our Song/Floating in the Atmosphere
    Chaos and The Cosmos • Our Song
  • Shape of Things to Come
    First + Aid • Nostradamus
  • The Ortolan Bunting (A Sparrow's Fall)/The Inexorable Sequence
    Andy McKay • Resolving Contradictions
  • Turbulance
    Warm Dust • And It Came to Pass
  • Mars
    Blåkulla • Blåkulla
  • Ghost Moon and Living Love /Circo Inferno/ Breakout /Into the Nightwhale
    Steve Hackett • The Circus and the Nightwhale
  • Point of No Return
    Pearly Moon • Tragicomedy