Attention Surplus Disorder – Episode June 15, 2024

Program: Attention Surplus Disorder

Length: 120 minutes

Tune into Attention Surplus Disorder for a mish mash of old and new music of the psychedelic/progressive variety!! Sprinkled in you will hear new music from Edmonton's @blumemusic - coming to Calgary for @sledisland this Wednesday at the Legion!! This is a great project to check out if you haven't - very spacey, psychedelic, dreamy. Also, midway through the show is re-run (from end of 2022) of a Sample Segment exploring Bloodrock's 'Fantastic Piece of Architecture' for a change of pace.


  • Dusks Overture
    Blume • Echoes at Night
  • Amadman
    Sick Boss • Sick Boss
  • You'll Be Alright
    Goat • Medicine
  • Journey Through the Spiral Mind, Pt. 2
    Daal • Daedalus
  • I Am That Living Soul
    The Book of A:M • Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers, Vol. 5 (Remastered)
  • The Mountain
    PJ Harvey • White Chalk
  • Tunnel Vision
    Blume • Echoes at Night
  • Interstellar Fantasy
    Greg Foat & Ayo Salawu • Interstellar Fantasy
  • Sarabande
    TEKE::TEKE • Shirushi
  • Sonar
  • Arguments I
    Les Fantomes Du Jour • Ravages
  • Arguments III
    Les Fantomes Du Jour • Ravages
  • Electric Sheep
    Blume • Echoes at Night
  • Magical Chronicle
    The Chronicles of Father Robin • Magical Chronicle - Single
  • The Carrion Crow
    Anima Morte • Upon Darkened Stains
  • Stifinner
    Jordsjø • Nattfiolen
  • Shifting Tides
    Blume • Echoes at Night
  • Perchance to Dream
    Rick Miller • One of the Many
  • Lovers Theme
    Blume • Echoes at Night
  • Prelude
    Pendragon • Uther
  • Pen Draig
    Pendragon • Uther
  • Uther's Lust
    Pendragon • Uther
  • Claimed by Dragonmist
    Pendragon • Uther