Behind The Boards – Episode May 17, 2024

Program: Behind The Boards

Length: 90 minutes

Party people in the place to be, buckle up for an electrifying ride through the sonic universe of the one and only Ricca Razor Sharp! As the calendar flips to May 17, 2024, we’re not just marking another day; it’s Ricctoria Day. That’s right, we’re marking a new annual event - the release of another solo album! And what better way to celebrate than with an album release party on May 24th at the Palomino Smokehouse that promises to be the talk of the town! Did I mention that that show is upstairs, and it’s FREE, Folks!! But before we let loose at the party, we’ve got an exclusive treat for you. Join us for a deep dive into the heart of Ricca’s beats and rhymes as we break down each track, uncovering the layers of creative production that make the 10 songs that mark the past 12 months of Jonathan Stoddart. From the old school bass lines to the razor-sharp topics, we’ll explore the creative process behind the music. So, get ready to turn the volume up and let Ricca Razor Sharp guide you through his latest musical journey, track by track. It’s not just an interview; it’s an exploration of artistry, a celebration of hip-hop, and a testament to the power of trying new things. @riccarazorsharp (IG)


  • Plant Based Diet
    Ricca Razor Sharp • Ricctoria Day
  • Dad Bod
    Ricca Razor Sharp, featuring Iron Lion, Justben • Ricctoria Day
  • What's in a Name?
    Ricca Razor Sharp • Ricctoria Day
  • Money
    Ricca Razor Sharp • Ricctoria Day
  • Chapters
    Ricca Razor Sharp, featuring Ladybaby • Ricctoria Day
  • The Boys on the Boat
    Ricca Razor Sharp, featuring Matt Bone • Ricctoria Day
  • Harbour Lights
    Ricca Razor Sharp • Ricctoria Day
  • The Fourth Turning
    Ricca Razor Sharp • Ricctoria Day
  • Pressure
    Ricca Razor Sharp • Ricctoria Day
  • Jungle
    Ricca Razor Sharp • Ricctoria Day