Breaking Techniques – Episode June 4, 2023


  • Woman
    Little Simz, featuring Cleo Sol • Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
  • Making Love
    Sir Woman • Making Love
    Evann McIntosh • WIYULD
  • 10.5
    the della kit • moonbeams & frequencies
  • Okay
    Atmosphere • So Many O ther Realities Exist Simultaneously
  • The Famine
    Super Duty Tough Work • Studies in Grey
  • Without No Doubt
    Five Fingers of Funk, featuring Fogatron, Mic Crenshaw • Five Fingers of Funk: Portland Say It Again
  • Hold Down the Fort
    Dragon Fli Empire, featuring DJar One • Hold Down the Fort/Right on Time
  • Noble Metals
    Adrian Quesada • Jaguar Sound
  • Yum Yum
    Featurecast • Funk n' Beats Vol. 3 (Mixed by Featurecast)
  • The Clap Hands Song
    T Bird and the Breaks • Never Get out of This Funk Alive
  • So Turned On
    The Brooks • Any Day Now
  • Mysterious Frequencies
    Tommy Guerrero • Sunshine Radio
  • Parachute
    Thee Lakesiders • Single
  • Sorry if I Hurt You
    Aladean Kheroufi • Sorry if I Hurt you
  • Smoke in My Lungs
    ZENON • Genre Z