Breaking The Tethers – Episode October 19, 2015


  • Boston Skyline
    Panta Rei • The Dance Continues
  • Saskatchewan
    Rotary Park • Be
  • Magicien du Bonheur
    Phil Sawyer • Beautiful World In Existence
  • I Live in the Woods
    Burt Bacharach, Carly Simon • Woman
  • The Early Days
    Old Man Luedecke • Domestic Eccentric
  • Spirit of the North
    CANO • Au nord de notre vie
  • Cobra
    Dale Jacobs • Cobra
  • I Don't Want To Break Your Heart
    Coeur de Pirate • Roses
  • Netscapes
    Elaine Keillor • Poetic Sketches
  • And You Call This Work
    Iris DeMent • The Trackless Woods
  • You Are What You Is
    Frank Zappa • You Are What You Is (The Clean Cuts version)