Breaking The Tethers – Episode January 3, 2022

Program: Breaking The Tethers

Length: 60 minutes


  • In the beginning was the drum
    Johnathan Blake • Homeward Bound
  • a poulting grimace/greasy puzzle
    Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile • Snark Horse
  • ABC
    Takuya Kuroda • Fly moon die soon
  • On Green Dolphin Street
    Christian McBride • The Q sessions
  • Back to who
    Irma and Leo featuring Esperanza Spalding and Leo Genovese • Relief: A Benefit for the Jazz Foundation of America's Musicians' Emergency Fund
  • Aluxo'ob
    Bahia de Asenso • Bahia de Asenso
  • Singe 猿
    Parker Mah • Musicworks #140