Breaking The Tethers – Episode March 13, 2023

A fun show! Frankenstein, McBrides, Muffins, and more!


  • So what
    Miles From India • Miles from India
  • Three days that won't soon fade
    The Muffins • Baker's Dozen
  • Hurzur
    Ilhan Erashin's Istanbul Sessions • Night ride
  • Le combat
    Cinephonic • Visions
  • Montezuma
    Wayne Shorter • Moto grosso feio
  • Rencontre au bureau
    Jacques Kuba Seguin • Parfum N°1
  • Frankenstein goes to the disco
    The Billy Cobham-George Duke Band • "Live" on tour in Europe
  • Head bedlam
    Christian McBride's New Jawn • Prime
  • Stand your ground
    Christopher McBride • Ramon
  • Not alone solo
    The Muffins • Baker's Dozen