Breaking The Tethers – Episode March 11, 2024

Had a interview with Will R├ęgnier, talking about his new album, Traces. Thanks Will! Also, there was James Brown, solo bass, solo piano, another variation of Soft Machine, and much more!


  • Traces
    Will Régnier • Traces
  • Lights out
    Will Régnier • Traces
  • The popcorn
    James Brown & The James Brown Band • The popcorn
  • Before the unknown
    Mike Downes • The Way In
  • Sojourn in a minor
    The Moore-McColl Jazz Society • Up and gone
  • Ain't dat good news
    Mark Burnell • Gospel piano
  • A.W.O.L.
    Soft Heap • Soft Heap
  • How can it be?
    Gordon Lee Quartet • How can it be?